Vision For Children In Liberia ( VCIL ) - Meet Our Board of Directors

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Menepelle J. Nuhann - Founder, President and CEO of VCIL
Growing up poor in Liberia, striving for the privilege of getting an education, he graduated from the St. Francis High School with honors and dreamed of coming to the United States. Once in the United States,  he continued to struggle for a better life, graduating with his Bachelor’s degree from the College of New Rochelle and embarking on his career in education. He currently work with The New York Department of Education and he also enjoys working with and teaching children how to build games and  computers.  Mr. Nuhann also graduated with an MBA  degree from Colorado Technical University and got a MS in Cyber Security, specializing into  the IT area. He is the founder and President of Vision for Children in Liberia, Inc. and also the Executive director of  Oneplace-Onevoice studio & web designs, a register studio in the Bronx that serves as the voice of the African Immigrants' Commission of New York and Connecticut.  His dream is “to build schools for children in Liberia so that they can go to school for free to enhance their lives. 

Lakisha Mcghee - General Secretary

Lakisha was born in Brooklyn, New York and did her primary education at McKee’s High School, Staten Island.  She also did further studies and graduated as a cosmetologist and a barber. She worked in salons and barber shops for many years. Lakisha hopes that children get a chance in life to strive out their dreams. Her belief  is that all children should have access to free education.

Vision For Children In Liberia ( VCIL ) - Meet Our Leadership Team / Volunteers

Rev. Felix M. Sarpong - Executive Director
Born to Ghanaian parents of the Asante tribe in the early 70’s, Rev. Felix M. Sarpong is a first generation Ghanaian- American. He was raised in the Bronx, NY with his two sibling. He experienced his early education K-12 in New York public schools. Later, Felix pursued his higher education at Lehman College where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and continued later receiving a Master’s of Science degree in School Building Administration at Mercy College and Ministerial ordination at WCM Church Organization.

Rev. Felix M Sarpong currently serve as a minister at Creston Avenue Baptist Church, he also served as an educator at a tenure of 15 years with the New York City Department of Education, as well as the Chief Operating Officer, for the Ghanaian youth empowerment NGO-YOUTH ICONS GHANA U.S.A Chapter, the Chief Executive Officer of Victory Entertainment International, Bronx Heritage Music Center Advisory Board member, where he plays a very instrumental role as the single Africa representative, Cultural Ambassador at The Bronx Museum of Art  and Board member of the Bridge to Africa 360 Coalition. He is best portrayed by many as a great teacher, mentor, motivator, a promising leader and champion for the youth. Rev. Felix Sarpong is also very committed to his family and community.

Throughout all his endeavors over the years, Felix has supported activities in both youth and cultural organizations. Rev. Felix M. Sarpong has continued to win every election since, providing continuity and dedication in his service to the youth of the African community. Rev. Felix M Sarpong is by far one of the sorts out future African youth leaders who empower others to succeed. He uplifts talented and capable people, then provides the environment and motivation to help them excel. He is unquestionably a people-person who forms strong bonds and relationships in every area of commitment.

Teresa Campbell - Volunteer
Teresa, native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn currently resides in the Bronx New York. Graduated from Wurzwieler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University. She got her master in social work and currently employed with the New York City Department of Education as a License School Social Worker.  Her passion is counseling and helping children and families in need of assistance. She is determined to make a difference in children and families' lives. She believes education is the key for children.

Cecelia S. Yafondo - Program Director
Cecelia S. Yafondo was born in Monrovia, Liberia West Africa unto unto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Hallie. She did her primary education at St. Micheal Catholic Elementry and Junior High School and graduated in 2001. In 2001 of September, she got an opportunity to travel to the US through her late uncle James Tamba Yafondo.

In 2012, she started ROCEMA ACADEMY FOUNDATION in order to give the less privilege the opportunity chance to learn. While in the United States, her passion for reaching out grew deeper and deeper.

Cecelia started working as a certified nursing assistance reaching out to the elderly in every way she could be of help and later pursue her education in becoming a license Practical Nurse. Cecelia always visited her country as a way of staying in touch with her parents and siblings.​

She currently lives in Minnesota with her two sons, Joseph and Joshua and believe that all children should be given the chance to learn. She is still reaching out to the less privileged children through donations, education.

Mr. Hasan Sherif - Country Programs Director

Hassan sheriff, a Liberian, hailed from Lofa County, began his primary education at the SPECIAL PROJECT HIGH SCHOOL and later completed his secondary education at the ST. FRANCIS HIGH SCHOOL.  In 2010, he graduated with a BA degree from nation’s owned university, THE UNIVERSITY OF LIBERIA by studying Management and Economics, and since that time he has been heavily involved in educational activities among kids and young students as well as needed school going kids whose education (primary and secondary education) is a must.

Having seen a huge need to attend to kids’ educational development programs, he  founded the Paynesville Students Congress to get to the needs of the Liberian school going kids, whose parents, due to  ABJECT POVERTY cannot afford to educate their kids thus creating a series BURDENS on the society that they lived in. Through this initiative, NINE (9) KIDS have benefited thus far by getting them back in school while at the same time consoling them and teaching them on how to become a corporate and responsible citizens. His organization is now partnering with the VISION FOR CHILDREN IN LIBERA INC. USA, in designing and implementing programs that will help and improve kids and youth alike in their education development.

Pastor Deborah Quamina - Administrator
Born on October 04, 1962, in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. As the daughter of a Preacher, was thought the word of God at an early age. At the age of 16 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and has been serving him ever since. I received my Associate Degree in Theology from the Caribbean Mission Bible School. I have been pastoring for the past 13 years to a congregation of over 50 people in Tobago. In 2012 I immigrated to New York in the United States where I have been continuing the ministry. I am an active member in the Bibleway Pentecostal Church in New York. I love the Lord and it is my ambition to continue serving him, by helping people to receive his word. I pray and lay hands on them in the name of the Lord. Being a Pastor is my calling in life, it brings such joy to my spirit. Pastor Quamina's passion is that she loves working with young people and making a difference in their lives.

Beulah G. Sumo - Distribution Coordinator

Beulah G. Sumo was born in Liberia, started her primary education at the St. Philip high School located at Paynesville Gardnerville Monrovia Liberia. She graduated from The J.J. Rose High School in 1995. She went on to pursue her BSC in Management and Sociology at the University of Liberia, West Africa. Because of her passion she had for children, she began to teach at the Allan Bryant High School located at Gardnerville in Liberia. She was also a strong advocate for children and has several certificates in attending workshops for youths and children’s health. Due to the violence against girl child in Liberia, Mrs. Sumo, continue to struggle for a better life in The United States of America, while also supporting for a better and free education for the unfortunate children of Liberia, West Africa.

Domior Kerkula - Project Manager

Domior Kerkula immigrated to the United States since 2005. Upon his arrival, he settled with his mother and siblings in the Harlem neighborhood of  New York. Mr. Kerkula is originally from Bong County Monrovia, Liberia, where he received his basic education at Addo Mills International High School. He is currently studying for a college degree in Business Administration and currently working at his church located in the Bronx, New York in order to raise awareness for various social support programs. His passion is to help young children realize their dreams stems from his experience he got during the 14 years  Civil War in Liberia. He believes that one way of giving back to his home country is by working with “Vision For Children in Liberia” (VCIL) to make a difference in the lives of many young children.

Ms. Janet Victoria Ngegla - Assistant Youth Coordinator

Janet Victoria Ngegla, was born in Monrovia, Liberia in 1985, Due to the civil war, she and her family flew to Sierra Leone where she gained her primary education. In the year 1997, she and her parent return to Liberia, where she continues her junior and senior high school and completed in the year 2003. As an ambitious young lady, she  didn’t stop there, she decided to forward her education by enrolling at the university of Liberia and completed her studies at the university in December 2009. Because of the love for children, she decided to teach at the Bethel world outreach church school (FAITH FOUNDATION). Where she later discovers the uniqueness of kids and how it is for a child to have a solid foundation in education. She later got employed with a non-profiting local NGO which was involved in building the capacity of young women in Liberia. In 201, she won the Government of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China bilateral scholarship, where she is currently working on her MS degree. She is  a humble servant who always at service for children. I believed that service to humanity is service to GOD.